Mastering Audio (9780240808376)

Mastering Audio: The art and the science

Mastering Audio: The art and the science

Written by an award winning, highly respected professional, Mastering Audio gives you a thorough introduction to the unique procedures and technical issues involved in mastering.

Suitable for all levels of students and professionals, it is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their mastery of digital and analogue audio: musicians, producers, A&R, mastering, recording and mixing engineers.

Fully updated to cover the latest technologies, Mastering Audio discusses audio philosophy and art: sequencing, levelling, processing; how to make a record album radio-ready; mixing as it relates to mastering. Divided into 5 parts, the book begins with the basics – monitoring, mastering techniques, useful tutorials and the fundamentals of dithering and decibels and moves on to more advanced concepts – jitter and clocking, monitor collaboration as well as multi channel audio, micing and acoustics. Leading-edge audio concepts are explained in an easy-to-grasp holistic style.

Including practical tips and real world experiences, Bob Katz explains the technical detail of the subject in his informative and humorous style.

* Written by a well respected engineer who has engineered albums which have won the Grammy
* Provides you with information on the latest techniques and processes used in mastering
* Covers equipment, training and the business of mastering and answers all the frequently asked questions


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