David Donachie

David Donachie

David Donachie

Jack Ludlow is the pen name of David Donachie. From selling business machines to soap, David did a variety of jobs before settling upon writing as a career. He is now a successful novelist, so we asked him just how he became a best selling writer.

Bookarmy: Your Bookarmy biography says that you had a variety of jobs including selling everything from business machines to soap. Many people dream of leaving existing careers to become novelists. How were you able to make the change so successfully?

Jack Ludlow: I was once asked in a Radio interview how I turned to writing and I replied, ‘Desperation. I’ve tried everything else.’ That’s only partly true, of course. I always wanted to write and did on occasion, rarely – and this is common – getting to the end of anything. Also, I never ever thought of myself as a novelist, it was more TV and stage plays that I failed to complete. I sat down to write a radio play one day, changed my mind and 30 days later had 400 pages of a barely readable novel. But I had discovered my métier – the freedom to write what I wanted. From there it was but a short step to wanting to be a full time writer – I knew I could do it, all I had to do was give myself the opportunity. So many potentially good writers don’t! It was a risk, all change is, but it paid off.

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