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There are so many different levels and categories when it comes to children’s books that you may not even know where to start. One of the first things that you need to consider is the age group. These can be defined as ages 0-2, 304, 508, 9-11 and 12-16. After the age of 16 years old you start to look at young adult books. There are also many different categories that you can choose from in each age group as well. These include but are not limited to activity books, classics, Christmas books, humor, character and series books, poetry, fiction and of course education books.

•Are there educational books for all ages?
•What types of activity books are available?
•Is there a variety of authors to choose from?
Teaching by The Book
There are a great many books that you can choose from when it comes to teaching material for children of any age. For the younger ones who are learning the ways of how to do things around the house or how to dress, there are a lot of choices. Some of these are Aliens Love Underpants, The Snail and the Whale, Jolly Phonics Workbooks, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and even The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Each one of these books has something to teach. These books are written by authors such as Susan M. Lloyd, Eric Carle and Claire Freedman.

•What are these books going to teach my young child?
•Are the illustrations bright enough and big enough for my child to understand?
•Are they hands on or just to read?
These are all really great questions along with many more that you may have. What about educational books for older children? Yes, there are educational books for the older generation as well. These would include O C R AS Biology, Psychology AS for AQA A, Of Mice and Men, OCR Chemistry, Sociology Themes and Perspectives and An Inspector Calls. Each one of these books has something to teach. Learn about science, the performing arts and even about the works of the human mind.

Learning by activities
Books that have activities are a great way to teach the younger generation. There are different types of activity books such as coloring, painting, pop-up, sound, musical and even sticker books. All of these can be a lot of fun for kids of all ages and some of them can even be educational in the process of having a good time. Little ones will love looking at pop-up books while you read them with funny voices and crazy facial expressions. Getting a little older, coloring books start to become a lot of fun while kids learn to stay in the lines with the crayon or paint. Of course, stories that have sounds that can be heard or music that is played can make for great entertainment and a great way to keep their attention throughout the story. A few great examples of these types of books are Secret Agent Handbook, Mixed Up Fairy Tales, The Anti-Colouring Book, Piplings Make Some Noise, Where’s Wally?, Timmy Time Touch and Feel and Holiday Sticker Book. These books all have either noise or an activity for your youngster to do. It will keep their attention while you are teaching them something in the process.

A Change in Interest
As our children get older and turn into teenagers, their tastes in books will change as pop-ups or sound books will probably no longer be of interest. They start to become more interested in things such as poetry, comics, graphics, general aas, lifestyle books, humor and even possible books on hobbies. There are hundreds of books that children in their teens could enjoy reading. These could include the series from the Twilight Saga, Hunted, Untamed, Harry Potter, Fire Study, Poison Study and Of Mice and Men. Each of these books are popular among the older kids.

Fiction reading can provide a great variety for reading as well. This category includes adventure, animals, crime, thrillers, folk tales and of course romance for the young ladies. Although twilight is a vampire book and some may consider it in the horror category, many young ladies may also consider it a romance novel between the light and the dark. Once you see the movie, you may have questions about what happens in the movie and what happens in the book.

As you can see, there are many different types of books and categories that you can choose from when it comes to children’s books. There is something for little ones to learn how to read, write and even learn what different animals are. As they get a little older, there are activity books with pop-up pictures to help them learn even more. Then they also get the opportunity to color and paint so that they can learn hand eye coordination. After they get a little older, you can then turn to fiction, romance and books on hobbies.

Books that talk about different hobbies can be educational in teaching young children how to put things together such as cars, boats and even airplanes. Not only are they interesting to read but they teach something as well. There are so many different options when it comes to reading material for children. You may not thing that books are for newborns but they are. These books are great for parents to read to them while they are falling asleep and to help to start putting things in their little minds before they even have a chance to reject what we have to say.

Whether you are a parent or a young child that has questions about a book that you have read, group discussions are a great way to get your questions answered. It gives you the opportunity to be able to ask questions as well as answer questions that others may have about something that you have both read. It can be fun and helpful.

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