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Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Whether you are trying to learn a new language, brush up on what you already learned or to add to the knowledge that you already have, there is a book that is able to help you along. There are several different categories for Languages which includes key stages 1-4, GCSE, A & AS Level, Parent Participation, Grammar dictionaries & phrasebooks, Audio Titles, English as a Foreign Language, By Language and General AAS. Of course, each one of these categories has individual categories as well. For example, Parent Participation also includes Bilingual and Multicultural. English as a Foreign Language has categories such as by level, literacy, listening skills, grammar & vocabulary, exams, audiovisual and reading & writing skills.

  • What other categories are there that I can learn from?
  • Are there many different authors that I can choose from?
  • Will I be able to take any type of practice exam for a test?

What Authors Are Available to Me?
There are many authors that you can choose from when it comes to your selection of reading. Some examples are Raymond Murphy, Jeremy Harmer, Susan M. Lloyd, Michael Swan and Pie Corbett. Of course, it all depends on which category you are looking for a book in and on what level. There are books for the young children that are just starting out in a foreign language and there are adults that are just starting to learn a new language or brush up and add to what they already know. Keeping this in mind, the type of book and the author will vary. Regardless of what you are shopping for, there are many different options that are available to you.

Is there a variety of titles available?
There are plenty of titles that you can choose from in each category and their sub-categories as well. In the Key Stages category, you can choose from great titles such as Pasos 1: Student Book: A First Course in Spanish, KS3 French: The Study Guide, Revised Latin Primer, La Grammaire en Claire: With Answer Key, Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar and First Thousands Words in Russian. Regardless of the language you are learning, there is a book for you.

If you are looking in the Parent Participation category, you will find titles to choose from such as Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Diversity, Propaganda, Schooling and Equality: Fact, Concept and Policy (Creating success), A Parents and Teachers Guide to Bilingualism (Parents and Teachers Guides), Celebrity (FOCI) and Culture and Pedagogy: International Comparisons in Primary Education. Again, there is a great selection here as well to pick from.

Learning Abilities

  • Will I be able to teach my children with these books?
  • Are they easy to follow and learn from?
  • Have others been able to learn a new language from scratch easily with these books?

These are all important questions that you may be asking yourself if you are new to learning a language. Asking these questions and others can be very helpful in making your decision on which book and on the type of book as well that you will want to look for. There are a lot of variables that you will need to take into consideration. These things would include if you are a beginner learner, are you going to be teaching someone else maybe a child a new language or if you are wanting to learn new facets to a language that you already know.

Trying to learn a new language can be frustrating at first. If you have the right book it can make the learning process a lot smoother without all of the frustration. Many of the books that you can get have practice activities to help you learn how to pronounce a word and to learn how to spell them as well. For many, knowing how to spell a word can really help with the learning of how to say it.

Getting The Input that You Need
One great way to be able to get the answers to your questions is to join in on a group discussion. This gives you the opportunity to speak with others that have or are reading the same books that you are. You can also learn about the books that they have read and find that you may be interested in something that have talked about and that it may help you in furthering your education as well. It is also a chance to be able to ask questions about what you have read if you do not understand something and to give your opinion as well on a book that someone is reading.

A group discussion is also a great way to be able to make friends. You can make it a part of your routine whether it is on a weekly basis or if it is a monthly book club discussion, this is something that you can look forward to. Being able to talk with others about the language you are learning is a great way to hear how they pronounce certain words so that you can hear how it is said by someone else. This can be a great stepping stone in your learning ability with a strange new language.

Learning a new language such a Spanish, French, Russian, Italian or even German can be for many different reasons. Maybe you are going on a trip, your child needs to learn for school or you are just wanting to broaden your horizons. Whatever your reasons are, finding the right books and having others to talk to about them is a great way to be able to learn your new language without needing to attend a class at school or take a class in your home. The right book can help you learn everything that you need in order to grow and progress quickly in your new endeavor. So there is no time like the present to find that right book for you and get started.